Friday Grab Bag - 05/11/2018 - Wrong?!?

What composite weapon specialization does a RR5+ Blademaster need to maximize Celtic Dual style damage?

In other words: if I'm *only using Celtic Dual styles*, do I need 50, 51, 52, or some other number of composite (spec+skill items+RR) pierce/blunt/blades to cap damage and minimize variance?
There should be no difference in damage when using a Left Axe, Dual Wield, or Celtic Dual style whether the main weapon spec is 50+11 or 40+11. In other words, once you reach the 51 composite on Sword, Slash, Blades etc. and are using a dual-wielding style your damage won’t be increased by adding more Sword, Slash, or Blades spec.

However, your Left Axe, Dual Wield, and Celtic Dual specs do have their damage (and in the case of Celtic Dual and Dual Wield their offhand swing chance) increased with a higher specialization in them. A Mercenary with 25+11 Dual Wield and 51 composite Slash will hit for less than a Mercenary with 50+11 Dual Wield and 51 composite Slash when using a Dual Wield style; they will also swing with their offhand less often.

I had run tests on this years ago and they showed a silently different result.

I had a RR13 Paladin hitting a dummy with 50+23 2h spec and slash:
27+23 => 216
28+23 => 217
29+23 => 218 <- so 52 was cap damage here
50+23 => 218

I had a RR13 Merc hitting a dummy with 50+23 dw spec and slash:
27+23 => 82
28+23 => 82
29+23 => 83 <- so 52 was cap damage here
50+23 => 83

Also very important on that is that it depends on the level of the enemy you hit. If you go against a lvl 70 mob for example you would also need 72? composite weapon spec to get your damage reduction too the lowest possible value. this is the reason why albion double spec and LA, DW and CD is so weak in high level encounter pve ... you simply don't have your weapon speced high enough in that cases and this, well does no great damage at all ^^

So please give this a look into the source code and tell us exactly what is the case. From my point 51 is simply wrong and i hate wrong information on such topics :D If I should guess this is because you try to avoid divide with zero problems. so you add +1 to your own and +1 to the enemy level. and you deal max damage if you have more then that.

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  • Yeah I remember you said comp 52 many years ago, that’s why I tagged you in the grab bag post on PC.
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