When is Cata open back up?

I've returned after a long departure and found that Cata is not open. My daughter said there was some event happening that it is closed. When will it be back?
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    beibhinn wrote:
    Hi, we explained this in a previous Grab Bag:

    I really enjoyed the content in the Catacombs expansion, especially the PvE quests that span all level ranges. I was wondering if we will ever be able to access the old quests and zones in Catacombs again.

    The zones, yes! The quests will depend. We will likely keep some of them but most will be changed or replaced. Stay tuned for the completion of A Dragon’s Curse campaign for the full details on the Catacombs expansion’s areas. In the meantime, it’s disabled for several reasons:
    • With the campaign, we’ve re-introduced the aurulite currency and are strictly controlling its economy going forward and so want to limit access to Catacombs areas that dropped it until we’re ready for players to venture into those areas again.
    • While some players do enjoy the low level content in the expansion, it had become redundant with the New User Journey and dungeon revamps in the classic-world zones.
    • Not only was the content redundant but it spread out the population a bit too much, especially at low levels, which is not good for the health of the game. This is mostly the case for new and lower level players who we want to funnel into shared areas. It’s also true for the number of instances that Catacombs introduced (at all levels) which provide too many options, further diluting the population, while also not being high-quality, engaging encounters due to their sheer number.
    • Closing the zones to players allows us to more actively and comprehensively develop and revamp them behind the scenes so that we can provide fewer, but more engaging instances, quests, and world content in the Catacombs expansion areas. Again, stay tuned for more details later this year!
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