Friday Grab Bag - 05/11/2018



It might catch on,  you never know! This week's Grab Bag has a little bit of everything, so take 5 mins and enjoy :)

As always, thanks for all your questions, keep 'em coming! You can send in any game related questions you have for our DAoC Devs through our Grab Bag submission form. Please note this is for game questions, feedback should be sent in through our feedback form.

Read on for the questions!

So question regarding the Enchanter Loyalty Cloak: The Use ability description says: "Single Target abilities will now have a 300 radius applied to Group"

Now I tried this, and then I tried NON damage spells, those did not apply a AoE effect, but the DD spells do. Is this intentional or mis-wording on the cloak or whats up? Thanks

This is correct, the radius is only applied to single-target direct-damage spells. The cloak’s delve should now reflect this information.

What composite weapon specialization does a RR5+ Blademaster need to maximize Celtic Dual style damage?

In other words: if I'm *only using Celtic Dual styles*, do I need 50, 51, 52, or some other number of composite (spec+skill items+RR) pierce/blunt/blades to cap damage and minimize variance?

This was answered in March’s Grab Bag last year:

There should be no difference in damage when using a Left Axe, Dual Wield, or Celtic Dual style whether the main weapon spec is 50+11 or 40+11. In other words, once you reach the 51 composite on Sword, Slash, Blades etc. and are using a dual-wielding style your damage won’t be increased by adding more Sword, Slash, or Blades spec.

However, your Left Axe, Dual Wield, and Celtic Dual specs do have their damage (and in the case of Celtic Dual and Dual Wield their offhand swing chance) increased with a higher specialization in them. A Mercenary with 25+11 Dual Wield and 51 composite Slash will hit for less than a Mercenary with 50+11 Dual Wield and 51 composite Slash when using a Dual Wield style; they will also swing with their offhand less often.

Once and for all...does heightened awareness affect stealthers themselves or only visibles grouped with stealthers?

Heightened Awareness affects everyone in the group in terms of seeing stealth and only affects stealthers in terms of granting better stealth. However, the Shadow Seek ability for assassins also grants a detection bonus and is generally at a higher delve than Heightened Awareness for level 50 assassins. Therefore, Shadow Seek’s bonus to detect will take precedence over that of Heightened Awareness’ detection bonus; but Heightened Awareness will still provide its bonus to hide.

a) Does Ulor se Bysen (in Krondor) drop remains?

b) I've heard that High Priestess Ywera (in Stonehenge Barrows) stopped dropping remains after the dungeon revamp. True?

It does look like both of these remains were accidentally disabled. They should once again drop now, thanks!

I’ve read a lot about what’s coming in 1.125 but the one thing I’ve noticed not mentioned are class changes. Will 1.125 contain any class changes, any hints if so?

Patch 1.125 is largely focused on Realm vs Realm improvements and systems. Some class changes can always be expected in every patch but they are not the focus of this version.

Have a wonderful weekend all! :)


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