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I returned and decided to give Gaheris a try again, I had a 50 there from years ago. Plus wasn't sure I wanted to play catch up on 10 some odd years of regular server RvR especially since my play time (and skill level) are very on the casual side now.

After the initial leveling free points, are there any alternative ways to get realm points/ranks on Gaheris or is it just keep takes?

I tried soloing what a guide said was the easiest of the three easy keeps but even with a few pieces of upgraded gear that wasn't happening without a class with better crowd control. I checked the /who commands to try and join if anyone else was tackling a harder one and had a spot but only one other person was out in the frontiers of the 20 or so that showed on, they were on that new center island that replaced Agramon and I'm pretty sure they were AFK anyway. Later in the day I checked again but lower population time and saw no one out there.

I'd mistakenly thought keep guards were worth a few but that seems like a no. I looked for towers thinking maybe they'd be easier but noticed they didn't exist. I tried the labyrinth but nothing seemed to give any there. I tried Cathal Valley (saw I could still go at 50) but nothing seems to give any and some of those purple goblins weren't soloable anyway.

Is there some alternative I'm missing like frontier quests or anything?
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    Nm, found answer looking up all caps loot that dropped, Glowing Dreaded Seals. Would have been cool though with fewer people around if they did have towers to take as easier versions of keeps or something.
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