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I've been playing off and on for a while but I play on an old (15+ year) account. I took a two year hiatus, and I cannot seem to get into the account center. I have tried my DAOC log-in and it's not working. I see the SWTOR tool tip come up, tried that log-in as well as my EA log in. Still get an error. Is there a bug?


  • Contact Most likely you forgot your info.
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  • Your login should be the email address associated to your EA account, and respective password. If you cannot log in with that information, please follow the advice Sym gave you, contact our account support team with a brief description of the issue, and they will assist you!
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  • yeah, i had to get them to update my email as the on file was one I hadn't used in so long I forgot what it was. Carol took care of it for thru a convo on facebook ,if memory serves. Thanks, again, C.
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