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My friends and I have returned to the game approximately 2 weeks ago today (after a 8 years break) and we have been trying to get back into the game, finding ourselves in a situation where we are falling pray to anyone we come across on the PvP scene using our old ToA/DR templates and/or the King armor.

Of course we figured that we need to update our templates, so we decided to start farming for plats and stuff to sell for more plats, also running the Curse raid and such. So far, we've loaded our consignement merchants with goods we found on our farming sessions, scales, aurulites and other random stuff we found along the way.

The problem tho is that nothing has sold at all!

Without considering any profits from the cousignement merchants, we average a 2-3 plat per hour while farming, which mean, considering the template item prices on the housing, we would require to farm multiple hundreds of hours to gather enough plats to buy those key elements.

Maybe we got this all wrong, maybe there is a way we completely missed that would help us out, if the community has tips and tricks for returning players, it would be awesome to hear them to help us out!





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    This is sort of the issue I pointed at in my Returning Player Feedback thread.

    I've had minor success farming aurulite in one of the solo dungeons from the Curse campaign - the ones you can use the summoned pets in.

    Find one that gives you easy access to kill one of the mobs that drop 2000 aurulite, run in, kill it, run out, repeat. Boring, but you get 2k aurulite and 2 aurulite powder per kill. I can't speak for selling this, but it'll at least directly get you all gear that you need. I don't know how this works outside of Hib, but if you are on Hib I can give you some direct guidance.

    I guess the other part of the overall issue that people don't exactly like to share their money making secrets - because then they'll inevitably yield less income as more people find out.

    Other ideas outside of the solo dungeon farming...

    - If you can, do CH9/10 as much as possible for the loot. Sell the set pieces and whatnot you get from this.
    - Legion raids, etc - there are some hearts to be collected that apparently sell fairly well.
    - Alchemy, find out which potions are in hot demand and grind those materials out somewhere.

    Ehm... there might be something else. Some suggest running the repeatable supply quests - which isn't a terrible idea as it'll mix RvR with a small bit of resource acquisition. There is a fellow on Hib who sells Master Level tokens that he buys with his BP - essentially turning a full ML token kit into 5p - it's something to help boost income.

    Broadsword might actually read and appreciate any feedback you guys have as they're trying to secure more returning players/fresh blood with their upcoming updates. I made a thread here -
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  • Welcome back!

    Did you remember to list your merchant so it can be found when using the Market Explorer? The house owner needs to run the command /listmerchant to do so!

    And Budikah is correct, any feedback is greatly appreciated, please share your experiences with us!
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  • One point for you, we did forget to list our merchants! Maybe it will help us generate some plats.

  • Check Explorer for prices.. maybe sell a bit less
  • Hi,

    Supply quests are 440 gold per run. If you have buggane it is much more. Takes about 10 mins per run. If you have a few people you can basically take over a dock/ruined area and farm not stop. Especially late night US.

    Many templates can be made purely using Aurelite or seals items.

    When your realm has KM, you can farm the instance to not risk being killed. It’s to the left of the door it’s a big shiny portal.

    Run Cursed on a whole bunch of alts and sell the gloves. Easiest way to do this is to run cursed with 3-4 archer bots. Easy dps and easy to kill. Archer gloves sell for a ton of plats because of stupid stealthers and their need for maxed out l33tness.

    Farm mini legion for gem of skull keeper one time drop.

    Farm Pictish quests for arcane sash of vigilant which is used by all casters.

    Farm for pictslayer buckler or small shield, desired by casting classes.

    “Flip rare items on housing” take a 10% cut.

    Run EV quests for alchemy materials and sell sup pots for 12-15 plat each.
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  • The game is now at a point where the templates prices are crazy
    You have no choice, I would do :smile:
    1/ A quick and cheap template for each of you to be able to RvR
    2/ Do as quick as possible OW 10 / Curse 1- 8 / Curse 9 - 10 to get high level stuff and new temp

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