Returning player looking for an guild to get up to speed

Started playing at launch, quit around 2005. Came back 2006-2013'ish. Dabbled here and there for a few free months whenever it came about.

Want to play my Mid's ... Have a bunch of 50's on the one account I have left, nothing specatular though. All seem to be pretty well outfitted for the time I left. No real high RR's though.

Looking for a casual, active guild that can fill me in on what I've missed int he last several years.


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    Hi ROthom,

    Welcome back to Dark Age of Camelot and hope you are enjoying the game so far.

    The Federation of Hibernia is recruiting new members if you would like to join us over in Hibernia. We're one of the biggest guilds in the game and active around all hours. We are mostly active EU and US Prime-time with a lot of events going on around that time.

    If you would like to check us out go to our website: and feel free to register and find someone from FoH in-game to invite you to the guild.

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  • Hop into the Discord server listed on the right.

    There is a guild section with lists of all currently active/recruiting guilds.
  • what realm are you playing and what server (eu/us) were you on ?
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