Retrieval of characters that were not transferred to YW server

Hi . Received an invitation from ex-game buds to return to DAOC Live.

Log into my account and all my mains are not listed. I cant remember if I transferred the characters from Alb/Palomides for this account. Is it possible to retrieve characters that were not transferred to Yw server or I got to restart a new toon.



  • The characters are also not in palomides archived.
  • Welcome back!

    Characters that have not been transferred yet from the archived servers can still be transferred. However, you mention that you cannot find them on Palomides, so that sounds like they already were transferred. Did you check all Ywain servers for them?

    If you cannot find them on any of the Ywain servers or on Palomides, but you are 100% sure that you have the right account, you can open an ingame /appeal and Customer Support will check if they can find your characters. If they were deleted on Ywain, there might be a chance that they can be restored. Please understand though that there never is a guarantee that deleted characters can be restored. Make sure to include the name, level, class and the server a character used to be located on for each missing character in your appeal. If a missing character had a house and you remember the lot number, that is always a very helpful information, too!
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