Hi there,

played DAOC from start.... got bored with the new and fancy :)

I could use some help finding my chars. I see them when I search for them on Ywain 1 but when I log in there are no chars.
Any tips anyone?

Otherwise I will just start another hunter. Go Midgard!!! ;)



  • Cant we play play lurikeens or kobols anymore?
  • You can but certain races & classes are not available on free accounts. e.g stealther, heavy tanks and a couple of others. If you can find your old account info you can play them providing you have enough play time accrued on them. eg. if you say had a hunter kobold with 7 days play or more on your old account you can still lay it, you would not beable to use its Champion abilities. Full details are on the DAoC website search for returning players.

    Hope the info helps. and welcome back
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  • Oh wow I didn't know that certain classes/races were restricted on free accounts. That might explain why my pal could not find his characters when he tried come back a month ago. Thanks for the info, reading up now.
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  • Ah ok well I had several lvl50's. Played quite a few years so that should be ok ;)
    I guess I need to subscribe then to get access to my old chars?

    Can anyone confirm?
  • When you log in, you can find your old characters under the archived servers dropdown (think it's near the bottom). You have to log into those servers and /freexfer them to Ywain. You do not need to subscribe, but all your characters will be as worthless as realm guards under the F2P system.
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