Live Server Downtime on Wednesday September 6th, 2023 & Thid BG Event Notice

All live servers will be coming down Wednesday September 6th, 2023 at 05:45AM EDT / 11:45AM CET for scheduled maintenance.

Downtime is expected to be approximately 7 hours. We will provide notification as to when live servers are back up.

Thank you!

Thidranki Battleground Weekend

From 2PM EST / 8PM CET on Friday, September 8th until Monday, September 11th, the battleground of Thidranki will be open to all players! Visit the following teleporters for access:

In Albion - Master Truji in Castle Sauvage
In Midgard - Stor Gothi Acheren in Svasud Faste
In Hibernia - Channeler Inarea in Druim Ligen

Note: a 100% RP and BP bonus will be active in the battleground for the duration of the event.

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  • Could you maybe throw a 1/4 of that bonus to the rest of us who would rather stay in NF please?

    We have less people to interact with out there, so can we make it more worthwhile?
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