Are we still supposed to receive points each month of subscription?

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The website makes it appear that we do, but I couldn't find anything saying exactly how many. I didn't get any on either of my accounts when my 1-month subscriptions renewed a couple days ago. I actually don't think I have received any for a while, but I'm not absolutely sure. If this is no longer a thing, then references to it should be removed from the web site. If we need to take some action in game to get the points then this needs to be made clear. I know it was never much compared to the 500 points per month that many other games give with their (already less expensive) subscriptions, but at least it was something.
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  • The points showed up today (the 25th), but the renewal should have been on the 21st. I don't know what the delay was, but it appears we do still get points.
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