Is camping legit?

I spend a lot of playing time in the labyrinth on Gaheris. I have noticed recently certain toons permanently parked at, say, Foreman Fogo at the Forge of Pykragia. They stand in a position of attack, so that as soon as the boss spawns, he attacks it. The guy I'm thinking of is there what seems to be 24/7 so most of the time is afk.

Best Answers

  • It is fine to stay at a spot, and wait for a certain monster to spawn, even repeatedly and for a longer period of time. However, if you suspect another player of using tools to do so while not really being there, please open an Emergency Appeal that lists the name of the character and a brief description of what you observed, and our Customer Support Team will look into it!
  • so basically nothing they can do cause its part of the rules
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