Molvik BG Weekend - Flowers, Merchants, and Doppelganger Updates

Join us for another weekend of Battleground fun!

Molvik Battleground will be open to all from Friday, May 19th, until Monday, May 22nd! A 75% RP bonus and 100% BP bonus will be enabled in Molvik for the duration of the event.

The following changes will take effect on Ywain from Monday, May 22nd:

Spring Preparations

Spring has been prep'd, if not over prep'd, as our flower event draws to a close! This quest will no longer be offered by the Festival Steward.

Traveling Merchants

It's time for the merchants to pack up their wares and move on! Make sure you get your shopping in before they leave!


Doppelgangers will be adjusted as follows:

  • Spawn rate increased
  • Spawn locations increased (some previous spawns relocated)
  • RP reward increased
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  • Thank you for posting these updates here. I am unable to log into discord, so this is appreciated.
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