Runemaster Missing Autobubble ?

starting playing my Runemaster, supp spec. but im missing the autobubble.

Charplaner says with level 26 should come the first autobubble, but the 26 spec "Runic Guard" is not in my list.

"Runic Barrier" and "Runic Wall" spec level 34 and 44 also missing ?


  • Are you using a custom Interface?
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  • I use the standard UI but I made the mistake the first time I noticed BS changed where the spell is. There should be another suppression line under your spells list that has your pbt only in there. After the change I was wondering why I didn't have my pbt also but I noticed I now had a second suppression spell line listed at the top and it was under there.
  • no Standart UI, ahh thx Daelin
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