Tournament Statues and Winners Table

Congrats to all the winners of our King's Tournament during Dark Age of Camelot's 21st year anniversary!

Statues for those who finished in first place are now ingame in the capital cities.


Previous winner statues have been moved to new locations within the capital cities. In addition, statue winners, including previous tournament statue winners, will also get a copy of their statue placed by their home ingame! We'll be in touch with each of these winners on placement in due course.

Game time and Mithril rewards for the top 10 winners of our 21st anniversary tournament have been now been given out, and the full list of winners are below on the Herald (with duplicated placed players adjusted to their highest placed position only).

We apologize for the delay with the exclusive item skin reward, but be assured, they are on the way!

Congrats again to all the winners! :)

Click here to visit the DAoC Herald!
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