Cathal Valley BG Weekend

Grab your 50's and get ready for some battleground action!

Cathal Valley is open to all toons from now until Monday, January 9th. Please note, the current 50% bonus RP in NF will carry into Cathal Valley for the event!

Porters will be added to the border keeps mainland side.

Enjoy the weekend, and see you in Cathal Valley!
DAoC German Community Admin
Broadsword Online Games

Shileahs Camelot-Kompendium - DAoC-Infos auf Deutsch
Shileah of House Dara, the First of Her name, the Unressed, Master of Stickloss, Queen of Inc-Screams, Purge-Fails and lost Line of Sight, Breaker of Mezz, Mother of Doggos
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