Gaheris Dual-Classing!

Greetings, I am a long-time player of DAOC. I have recently returned to DAOC with my brother, and we had fun killing some demons and getting dread-seals after dying three times today. Nevertheless, we had fun. I played a Kobold Bonedancer (Bone Army) and my brother played a Troll Warrior (Tank). I think that the PVE Server Gaheris can have Dual-Classing and Dual-Champion Levels.

Dual-Classing: The player chooses another Class (probably outside of their original base class for best performance). They would need double experience to level the Second Class. This would enable players to be able to wear up to Chainmail, Cast Spells, and wield a weapon and shield, dual wield, ranged weapon or a two-handed weapon. It would be awesome to play, just think of the combinations from each Realm's Point of view!

I believe this would bring in players just to experience Dual-Classing. Plus, you can always take your time with balancing Gaheris as there would be no Realm vs. Realm so each Faction would be on equal footing.

I would love to hear back from everyone about this feature.
  1. Gaheris Dual-Classing: Yes or No6 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No


  • I voted yes but only under uber strict conditions requiring first a pre-quest (kill all level 80+ mobs in game)
    Then only level 70+ mobs grant xp towards your 50x2 level.
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