King's Tournament Ends & Anniversary Gifts

A message from the magisters and chroniclers of this King’s Tournament:

“From atop the parapets and resonating throughout the Frontiers come the sound of a thousand trumpets. This season’s King’s Tournament has ended. Masons of the realms have been seen tirelessly working to create the likenesses of the bravest and most skilled in the lands and royal crafters have received secret commissions to fashion new and exclusive rewards fit for the triumphant few.

As the moon set upon eve of Samhain to give way to breaking dawn, the last of the field reports were submitted to clerks and scribes who will pore through them, judging accounts of heroism and gallantry to determine the champions of this prestigious event. In preparation for these proceedings, jails and dungeons across the land have been emptied of petty thieves and scoundrels to make room for those participants who conducted themselves without honor, seeking to gain advantage by violating the King’s rules of engagement. What manner of piteous creature resorts to cheating in order to prove themselves mighty? Sad indeed - and sadder still for their cowardice and dishonorable ways strip them of any entitlement to rewards and gifts. A better fate than many, who have been eternally banished from the realms.”

Speaking of such things - let us talk about gifts and rewards! Level 50 characters on veteran accounts can now visit the King in their capital city’s throne room to receive their Anniversary Gift - a small gesture of our gratitude to mark 21 years of Dark Age of Camelot. The Anniversary Gift contains many surprises to suit the variety of players that makes DAoC so special!

Some notes and reminders:

• *You will need 4 free inventory spaces – so please ensure that you have sufficient room in your inventory prior to picking up your Anniversary Gift! *
• A note about MTX Respecs: Please remember that accounts can only have one active at a time. If you should be awarded this item, it is recommended that you use it prior to obtaining the Anniversary Gift on other characters
• Anniversary Gifts will be available until November 6th

Ruined Area Ports

• Port from the relic town obelisks to the ruined areas has returned with the conclusion of the King's Tournament

It’s been an intense month of battles and skirmishes and we shall keep you apprised of the results, so be sure to keep an eye on the Camelot Herald for updates.Though this season’s King’s Tournament has concluded, the war that rages between the realms is never done - we’ll see you in the Frontiers!

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