Medallion master or realm to realm travel

Hi all, I am newly returned, a while back I traveled a number of toons from Camelot to Hibernia. I logged in now to find all my skills are 1s and I need to train but I cannot seem to find the travel portal in the home city of Tir Na Og that the web refers says to find medallion master and I cant find him either. How do I return to Camelot as a bunch of low 20s toons easily? Seems I camped like 9 toons in DF of Hibernia I need to bring them all home.


  • The channeler to get you back to Camelot is in the castle/throne room area of Tir Na Og, I believe.
  • The teleporter you are looking for in Tir na Nog is named Eponni. She is an elf in the castle area just to the left of the exit to the courtyard with the fountain. There are also cross realm transporters at the border keeps.
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