DAOC Classic Server

Is this for real? If so, I am super excited. I haven't played in 10+ years but I will def be back for a classic server if it does come out.


  • https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1495591424

    This VOD contains the most recent information regarding the upcoming new server.

    TLDR notes taken by Zzx/Zyzix:
    Q: Is the team working on another server?
    A: Yes
    Q: What does it consist of?
    A: Classic, inferring 1.65 patch with QOL changes. People don’t want to group with 100 others to kill a dragon then after 2 hours only 5 people get loot.
    Q: What else?
    A: It would be a classic persistent server with different end game objectives.
    Q: Please give us some examples?
    A: Possibility of home realm invasion, even so much so as capturing the enemy king and having his head as a trofie.
    A: Additionally the idea of capturing a dev such as Carol/Beibhinn.
    Q: Please give us a time frame for the new server?
    A: Alpha/Beta testing will be open at the end of the summer (*In the United States that is September 22 2022) “people to hammer away at the content we created.” We will rely on player feedback.
    Q: Old Frontiers or New Frontiers?
    A: The community is divided between the two. OF is formally classic and nostalgic but had its issues. NF is mechanically an improvement to PVP.
    Q: What are your thoughts on buff bots?
    A: No Buff bots. Buffs will be 4000 units and in a group. Classic buff rules. This sounds to be open for discussion though.
    Q: Thoughts on Ywain population drop when this new server comes out?
    A: We hope to draw new people in with the new server and they may want to check in at Ywain as well.
    Q: Eldariian asks Ramik, how can we improve Ywain?
    A: More events like DF, Laby, 8v8 draft events.
    Q: Are you fixing guards and pet pathing and related bugs currently found on Ywain?
    A: We are actively working to fixing guard pathing/agro etc. Stealth issue after.
    A: Pet pathing is complicated. Pet pathing is defined by a tool that runs to create the paths. As the physical landscape changes the paths get broken.
    Q: What is the plans for Catacombs, it was changed?
    A: Catacombs is not a priority, its not coming back any time soon. It will remain the way it is now.
    Q: What are the plans with future Caledonia event? Changes?
    A: Possibly a different map next time. But no dates.
    Q: What is the relationship between EA and Mythic/Broadsword?
    A: Mythic was independent 90s/2000. DAOC released at a perfect time with the format of 3 realms. EA acquired the game with the intention of letting Mythic continue to drive the game. Broadsword is its own company.
    Q: Realm timers, will they be changed?
    A: They change depending on the state of the game. Currently they are at an ok state but could be changed with some request. Continue the discussion.
  • Will there be updates on how to volunteer for the Beta testing of the Classic server content, for any potential bugs that may arise?
  • Opening of the server in BETA Planned today at what time please ? :)
  • is there any update on if this serve is releasing soon?
  • The classic server was put on the backburner earlier this year so the dev team could focus on Ywain per a post on the official discord by the producer. There is no ETA on whether it will resume development.
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