Molvik Duel Hill

Hey guys!

Was a player back in 2001-2006ish, back in the day on Percival/Mid and Hib/Guin. Just recently returned with some friends to check things out and play a bit (decided on Alb). It's been a while. Lots has changed and I am a complete and total newbie again basically because I'm old and can't remember jack-all. Anyways, we were running around in Molvik the other night after reaching that level (leveling is so quick nowadays!), and I attacked some peeps and killed them. No idea who they were, but my friends informed me that they were people dueling. So I wasn't aware that this was a thing, that there was a certain place people went to duel, so consider this my apology for interrupting your duels. :) I'll attempt to respect this spot in the future. Looking forward to leveling on up and seeing what, if any, action the frontiers hold whenever we finally get out there and stuff. I'm hoping to experience a bit more in Molvik before I move on up though. I'm gonna join the Discord to see if there are any things to still do in the PvE parts of the game here and there and try to experience that again as well. But anyways, cheers and huzzah to yens, and it's great to see people still engaged with the game I genuinely consider my favorite of all time. Again, sorry for killing and disrupting Duel Hill.

take care!

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