Curse/OW/class items

I love the new items- even though re-tempting is annoying but fun and possibly expensive. However, as usual, the /uses or set bonuses on some items greatly benefit some classes/specs/realms while doing very little for others.

** As I mean not to debate class balance itself in this thread, I will refrain from using specific class or realm names to better focus on the core point I am making.

A few suggestions:
1. Make the set bonuses be spec specific per class, instead of 1 set per class. (Even more difficult to balance, I know, but if done well, each spec would have its own "treat" that is nice without being "better" or more OP than other's")
2. When introducing something like crescendo (Which wasn't really needed IMHO)- give it to classes/realms that can actually benefit from it in terms of having a gap to fill. For example, some classes/realms that already have the least issues with being snared or speed warped due to abilities that they already possess have an instant cast crescendo with a very short cool down, while another realm who suffers snare, speed warps and cc to a higher degree than other realms have to stop and cast theirs. Some realms have multiple classes with it, other realms have 1.

It just seems like when changes are made/added they are often skewed- some classes get things that enhance/augment something they already possess, or help to counter another players ability, while other classes might see their abilities become less effective/ more easily countered but still suffer the negative half.

For example a hypothetical ability:
Caster B has a spell that nukes for a "moderate" amount since it also causes any melee hit by the spell to suffer a 30% chance to miss with melee for 5 seconds... Then melee classes are given a ring that allows them to shrug off any melee debuff ability for 30 seconds with a 45 sec CD. However, caster B still hits for only a moderate amount of damage while the "reason" for having lower damage has been overcome- since their targets rarely suffer the chance to miss debuff anymore.
And to cut off the snarky responders who will reply "/Shrug, Caster B needs to stop nuking melee" LOL- again not the point of this thread.

I'd love to hear other's thoughts. and remember this is about game balance mechanics not a cry for nerf or boost. Keep it in that spirit please. :)
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