DAOC Class Overview Video Series

Hey guys, I've seen a few threads lately of people asking for class advice/overviews, so since I'm playing again, I figured I might can help.

My plan is to make a video on every class in DAOC (sometimes multiple videos for drastically different specs). I plan on looking at each spec line and thoroughly going through the abilities in these lines. I will also give my recommended specs and talk about what RAs I think are a good idea for a few playstyles. I'll then look at what I view as important items to template and general strategies/combinations that are available with certain classes.

I'll be doing these in one take with no editing and uploading the raw video files to Youtube. They might get a little rambley and long winded at times, so my apologies :> If there's a bigger need for something like this that I anticipate, I can make more well thought out and polished videos later. The few I have made so far I have just gone into it without much thought before hand (which is probably a bad thing, but yolo). Some videos can get pretty long, but some classes can be more complicated.

Full disclaimer: I do not claim to know everything or be a master at any class. However, I feel like I have a decent understanding of most things. There are things I'm unsure about myself, but these videos aren't meant to be the absolute authority on each class. These are my personal opinions and observations on what I would do playing these classes They are just for people that want to learn a bit more about what a class does if they've never play it/are interested in playing it. And maybe there's something in a video that a veteran at that class may not have known.

I have done a handful of videos already, but I will definitely be doing more. It will take me a while to get through all of them, so be patient with me. If anyone has a particular class they want a video on, let me know and I can bump that up the list.

Also, any feedback on what I can do better would be appreciated. And if there's any other content people want, let me know :>

Hopefully these videos can help educate players.


Playlist Link

Necro (Painworking)

Mauler (Casting Spec)

Mauler (FW/Mag Spec)

















Champion Level Abilities

Confuse vs Theurg Pets & Amnesia vs Quickcast

Battlemaster/Melee Warden Followup

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