not meeting the requirements to enter area ? Need the expansions?

returning to DOA playing endless quest and then decided to subscribe and I can't enter the veil rift in tir nog It says that I don' t meet the requirements to enter you used to only need to be level 5 but I'm level 10 do i need to purchase all the expansions to get into those area?


  • Welcome back! The Veil Rift is part of the Catacombs expansion. All Catacombs zones (with the exception of the Darkspire instance, which is accessible via a teleporter NPC in each capital city) are currently closed to all players. This is why you cannot enter it.

    You do not need to purchase any expansions, since all that are available to players are included now!
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  • Can we get an update for Feb 2023? I still can't access the rift.
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