I simply love it. I’m new though- How to support this game?

I’d like to maybe purchase mithril packs, but I’m not sure about subscribing as it seems quite expensive. Also, I noticed that some of the mounts say 15p on the wiki- does that mean 15 pence?? For example, the silver unicorn. Would I need mithril to buy that. Thanks in advance


  • Hey there Pelaya,

    happy to hear you're enjoying the game so far!

    The 15 p in the mount overview refers to the in-game currency, gold. "p" stands for platinum, which is basically just a higher amount of gold (to be exact, 1,000 gold pieces equal one platinum). These mounts are available via quest from the Quartermaster in the Throne Room of your realm, and have varying Champion Level requirements to start (and see in the Quartermaster shop window ingame).

    Mounts listed in the overview that can be purchased for Mithril can be obtained from the Mithril Store NPCs in the capital city, and require the MTX store currency Mithril.

    I'd like to invite you to join our official Discord to meet lots of other players as well as the community team so you can easily find people to play with, get information and tips and just for general socialsing - we'll be happy to welcome you there! :smile:
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