Can access 1 account but not the other

I was trying to get back into the game after years of not playing, but it doesnt seem to recognize my main account. My bot account booted up just fine, i remember doing the merge many years ago and playing with both of these accounts.

One account has everything on the subscritions account page, but my other account pulls up nothing. Both accounts are merged with a mythic master account. Any ideas?


  • Hey Eox,

    for any account related issues, our Account Support Team will be happy to assist you! Please send them an email at with a brief description of the issue and all information you remember. Please allow them up to 72 days to come back to you, and make sure to keep an eye on your spam folder as well since emails sometimes end up there. Also, please understand that we are currently experiencing an ongoing issue with any email address hosted by Microsoft (including, but not limited to, Hotmail, Outlook, Live, MSN etc.). Unfortunately, emails sent via these providers often do not reach us, so we strongly recommend to use an email not hosted there. From experience, Gmail and Yahoo seem to work well
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