Don't use overshadow or you will be suspended/banned

First, lets discuss the ability. Overshadow is SUPPOSED to stealth an ally, excluding assassins and yourself, for 10 seconds. The tooltip reads this THREE times for some reason. WHAT IT ACTUALLY DOES @John_Broadsword is stealth an ally, giving him or her speed 6? in stealth and heightened stealthlore.

That's fine, Broadsword employees are susceptible to human error, just like everyone. What has been implemented lately may not be understood by everyone at the company, let alone a returning player LOL. What is not acceptable is receiving an email like this:

Your account for Dark Age of Camelot has been temporarily suspended for 5 day(s) due to violations of our Code of Conduct. The details of the violation are as follows:

CSR ticket number 9160816

Policy: Prohibited Conduct [clauses: 13,14,15] (Illegal Use of 3rd Party Program)
Character: Removeee which I inquired the details of which 3rd party program was used. It has been 11 days past the 72 hours that their automated email said their response time would be.

Here's an example of "speedhacking":

Accounts are closed until they learn their own game or provide decent customer support, both which won't be anytime soon i'm sure. Good luck all, it's been a pleasure.


  • Okay, first of all, damn nice gameplay dude, was very fun to watch. I actually don't know your gameplay footage is enough as proofal, but for me it's pretty legit. The thing is, that much players aren't using the actual amount of utility they have, so maybe that's the point why much players instantly start to /appeal you know :/ i guess you wouldn't start this thread if you're guilty.

    To be clear, i'm not a fan of you and almost not as a foe, but i think that was pretty legit gameplay :P
  • Ya, i'd rather not lose my account because the developers don't know the difference between a third party program and the abilities they introduce.
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  • @Carol_Broadsword can anyone comment on this?
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  • Sym wrote: »
    @Carol_Broadsword can anyone comment on this?

    I really hope they can.
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  • I remember when Crescendo was first introduced, was accused of speed hacking in combat.
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