Graphics Glitch is BACK... FFS

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Three times now in the last two days I've had the graphics glitch issues again. It's the issue where I'm still visible on the screen, yet everything else around me that can move (PVE mobs, PvP enemies, realm mates, siege equip, etc) ALL DISAPPEAR at the same time (or randomly across the screen). During this time, I can still be seen by enemies and KILLED yet I can't see them or fight back. This is beyond annoying and was a big reason the last time I un-subbed. I have no clue what you did to bring this issue back up again but please fix it. This game has enough issues already, having people/siege/pets disappear mid-fight is unacceptable. I've heard from others this has happened to them as well in recent days so it's not just an issue for me.

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  • This hasn't happened to me in a long time up until Caledonia so maybe it has something to do with that.
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