NS questions

Looking at making a template, but I have some questions. Currently Specced 50 stealth, 50 Envenom, 44 CD, 36 Pierce.

I'm looking at templates and have come to the conclusion that there are certain toys you just can't live without.
Medal of Valor for the HoT
Cursed Blood Gauntlets for 25% health/endurance/power heal
Cliodna's Stalwart Cloak for Disarm Proc charge
Band of the Dream Conqueror for 5% AF and health
Ring of Tarka'oz for Melee Resist charge // Bracer of the Fomor
Skull of the soul keeper for 250 pt Ablative

Am I missing anything that might be important?

Also second question is, would running dual leggies be better for CD spec because of the off hand chance hitting more often?
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