Porting Spirit World from Vanern Swamp

Logged out / crashed during port. Character selection screen says he's in Jotunheim Portal. Logging in, it gets about 60% through loading and crashes to desktop.
Other characters on same account work fine; this character cannot be logged in, please fix (mid - Ywain 7).


  • Fixed, thank you. Although, notice would have been nice. I had an appeal in for 5 hours in game & checking /checkappeal .. until it was no longer there. No email, no chat, no response.
    Glad prior experience has me checking details without responses. Nevertheless, ty.
  • Are you by any chance using a Hotmail/Ouitlook/Microsoft email? We are expecting issues with these, and the emails from Customer Support may not come through. If you were online during the time the appeal was taken care of, you might also have been sent just a little popup note which in some cases of bad timing might have been sent while you are porting. In any case, I am glad to hear the issue was resolved!
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