Old Player - Where to go/or what to do


As a old timer from old, I found out I could access my accounts from 10 years+ ago, from a retired server.
I have managed to get access to all my accounts, but do I need to transfer them to a live server?.

I may be a bit slow on the uptake here and the web help doesn't really explain it that well.

Just reaching out.



  • Also I expect I will have to subscribe for the Veteran account before I can do anything?.
  • So, I can transfer from my old server, any suggestions?.
    RVR and PVE was my thing.

    For any old Schoolers, Pennytraight, NIachin, Frap and Push! etc.
  • Any comment would be good, seeing if a community is about.
    Might be money for old rope if not. Fancy a spin old school, not sure where to transfer. Maybe there are only a few players now a days.
  • I haven’t transferred a character in years, hopefully someone here can help you out better than me. I apologize for being less than helpful
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    <Covered already>

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  • Hey man, I played on ALB/PERC back in the day and am also thinking of making a comeback.
  • You can only play on Ywain now, although Ywain comprises 10 different servers.

    Follow the link that Phatboi provided and you should be able to transfer to Ywain. I think the link indicates you will have to link to an EA account if you have not played since May 2008.

    While it's been awhile since I have a transferred a character, I suspect you will have to select which Ywain you want. It really doesn't matter too much. All Ywains play together. It would only matter for housing purposes. Each Ywain has it's own housing so some may have more housing options available than others. But you can easily port between housing on each Ywain, so again it really doesn't matter which Ywain you select.

    I very much doubt you have to subscribe in order to transfer, but I do not know for sure. My guess is that subscription only affects in-game aspects.
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