How to improve curse raids during low population hours...

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How about if a BG starts a curse instance without 2 healer classes, they get a NPC healer class as part of the group similar to the chapter 6 “pets”. This will allow groups to run without all the needed healers and such. Have these healers provide max resists and Decent cast speed heals.

Or heck, let’s fill the groups with all NPCs if needed
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  • its realy to difficult now, they mobs got to much hp
    a litlebit easyer would be nice
  • I recall something being said that once it had been awhile that the Curse quest line was out, that some of the encounters might have their difficulty levels tweaked so that they could be completed by a full group similarly to how the Otherworld quest line has been adjusted. Hopefully that will happen soon as chapters 7 and 8, I feel, are still a bit too excessive to be done with just a single group.
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  • that would be great. seeing as how i can usually only play low pop hours. and dont have the 1 mithral it takes to buy the stuff.
  • It would also be helpful to increase the chance of getting an armor piece over Aurulite. It can be hard to find a group sometimes for this, and it can be quite time consuming (especially considering the time out in to do 1-8).

    It's frustrating to get Aurulite out of three chests after spending an hour doing the encounters (if all goes super smoothly). It would also drive the super inflated prices down if a bit more armor was in circulation on the secondary market.
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