The Teleport Obelisk Remains

Thank you all for your feedback on the teleport obelisks in each realms relic town!

It's been great fun to watch the new dynamics created with groups enjoying some great combat on Ellan Vannin as well as the constant action at the ruined areas! We have also really enjoyed the epic keep battles this dynamic seemed to encourage!

As such, the following remains in effect for the foreseeable future:

  • Teleport to and from Knoc Meayll has been re-enabled.

  • Teleport to the Towers of Korazh, Deifrang, and Graoch remain disabled but the towers are no longer ruined.

  • Teleport to the safe areas on Ellan Vannin remains disabled.

  • Players of any group-size can visit their realm's relic towns to use the Ellan Vannin Obelisk to teleport to a random location in the central area of Ellan Vannin.

    • Groups of 6+ members who use this obelisk will receive a 100% bounty point bonus buff that will auto-refresh as long as they stay in the central area of the island.

      • Please note that this buff will *not* stack with mithril-purchased bounty point bonuses but will stack with all other BP bonuses.

      • Please note that this buff will affect Endless Conquest accounts as well as subscribed accounts.

    • This buff will dissipate if the group leaves the area but will return if they return to the area and still have the Ellan Vannin Port buff.

    • Groups of 6+ members with the Ellan Vannin Port buff will continue to get updates on the number of other 6+-person groups in the central area of Ellan Vannin.

  • The obelisk in each realms' relic town will also still teleport ungrouped characters to Folley Lake, The Trellebourg, or Moydrium Castle and the 1 minute anti-group camping timer remains in place at the ruined areas.
We look forward to your continued feedback!


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