Make level 50 great again

Maybe this wont stick, but as someone who played back before Toa was released, and a gamer since the 80s, I would kindly ask you to please create atleast one server which gives authentic classic experience.

I mean months of leveling to hit 50. When you finally hit 50 you want to celebrate like a semester of school just ended.

Go ahead and make servers for the "why bother" leveling also. Why not let people hit 50 in a week on those servers.

I'm asking for authentic. The type of pve where going from 39 to 40 actually constitutes a "gratz" in chat.

The farther you stray from authentic, the less Dark Age of Camelot it actually is. Excluding the true Pve content that made the game in the first place just gives us a "Dark Age of why bother".


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