starting glass quest chain

oceanus at ruins of atlantis dustin npc starting of quest chain broke for hib and mid realm characters on Gaheris


  • I found the same problem as you did yesterday the 14th of FEB, i have like you reported it here and on Discord bug-reports.
    I tried to enter the quest chain with my chars at level 39 - 49 - and 50 but no luck. I really hope they look into the problem.

    It could be that after last patch there went something wrong with a text line or two. I do not know about the problem on Ywain as i do not play there anymore. But it is a big deal on Gaheris as we do not have 5-6 rvr zone quests to complete to earn BP's we only have DF-Cursed quest line and Toa Quest line.
  • For your information Broadsword helped out solving this bug. As of Saturday the 20th of February the quest line works again.
    Thank you DEV's for your help. :smiley:
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