Any point in leaving feedback anymore?

Any point in this? Development team doesn’t seem active anymore?


  • Which feedback you want to leave?
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    A number of things that made me cut my return short and move to the freeshard. I noticed some of them were pointed out in other threads but it seems like every person that points problems out just gets shot down by players or it doesn’t matter anyway because the people that maintain this game don’t seem to care what people think.

    Like why write anything or submit ideas if they’re just thrown in the trash ya know?
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  • You can leave feedback on forums, they read it. Can also leave feedback on official discord where they are quiet active, and here:

    Hard to tell if there is point without knowing the feedback itself, but go for it. Usually if you are nice, it helps. :)

    They also have grab bag questions form:
  • When you say sth which people dont want to hear, then you might get shot down.
    Thats not different on the freeshard either.

    Still you can leave your feedback. The more people say sth, the more the devs can adapt to it.
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