Multi box hate

So I basically had an idea after talking to one of my friends from 10+ years ago and talking about how we used to organize DUELS in old EMAIN just past MG1. It was shortly after the first RAs were introduced. ( prior to that realm points only earned you + weapon or + spell ) so people were eager to try them all out. It was a nice way before things like wood quests to gain some extra RPs for classes that could duel but were not loved in pvp. ( arms, warrior, hero)

So not intended as a way to farm RPs but just an alternate play style that had minor rewards

So this spawned the idea. Mythic/Broadsword is against people multiboxing in RvR zones. And I agree. Not going to debate the issues one good/bad. So please don’t either. I think with so many dead BattleGround Zones aside from players task leveling that this opens up a nice possibility.

Why not let the player base that wants to control multiple toons at once migrate to their own BG.

I’d suggest the 30-34 BG Wilton. Especially because it’s the absolute worst PvE BG and because it’s the most empty because of the 30-37 level jump you get from Oceanus questing

I think it would be a great way to let these guys have some fun and get some RPs for their RAs that assist in the PvE

It would also serve the purpose of giving them a spot of their own that would give incentive to avoid the other BG

It would also put them under a lower Realm point cap than the players that have found a home in Molvik

BS wouldn’t even have to ok it. Just turn a blind eye.

I think it would offer another unique play style

And I know that most players never hate when that guy running a bunch of accounts is hosting and running them through Curse/OW/ and other raids

TLDR: Let’s the bot jugglers hang and fight each other in Wilton

Please only constructive criticism. If you disagree or say something won’t work. Please suggest an alternative not just hate


  • 1st..broadsword doesnt care if you mulitbox/speed hack or macro your attacks.
    2nd.solo areas have been implemented.
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