Hibernia: RvR Battlegroup possibly on Friday/Saturday/Sunday US PRIME-TIME

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Hi all,

I've decided I'm going to try and run regular RvR battlegroup on Saturday. Friday and Sunday will possible but wont be every week. So will be one or the other on the weekend.

We will start between 7-8pm est but I'll schedule it on here nearer the weekend. The time of when RvR starts on all the days above wont be consistent so you'll need to find out on here, discord or DAoC Events facebook group.

All I'm going to say is if you don't like dying then don't join the battlegroup. At the end of the day the reason I wanted to get this going again is so Hibs have a battlegroup regularly on the weekends so casual players that don't get into elite groups/8mans can have a chance to get involved in RvR on Hibernia.

I hope this will work for everyone on Hibernia :smile:

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