Bug Quest - Albion - Prydwen (Spriggarn Village level 16)

Lady Prydwen gives a quest that seem to lack a quest item.

The quest description says "takes this potion and this necklace and go convince the sprigarn chieftain that hibernia is the enemy".

The necklace is obtained from the quest log (clicking on it create the necklace item in the backpack, and it transform the player character into a sprigarn).
However, there is no potion. So there is no way to interact with the "sprigarn chieftain".
Expectation was to have a quest item named "potion" that could be given (drag n dropped on the chieftain) to trigger something. No potion = no clue what to do. Probably a bug.


  • Just did it and it worked. You near to wear the necklace when you enter the village (you see the comment that you have entered the village but you are still far from them so they don't aggro). When you do you get to the 2nd step to get the potion you talk to him and he drinks it. And then he attacks the hibernian invaders and tells you to take the weapons from the chest next to him and bring them to Prydwen week
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