Vamp SM Spec for Solo RvR?

I am curious if the old SM spec is still viable at all in Solo RvR. I never liked Dem spec tbh although I played back when SM spec was to of the line. Curious if it still holds its own in solo RvR.


  • Late post but beings this game is old not alot of recent updates. After 50 respec stones later I've come to find 2 specs I bounce between I'd like to share for future vamps. I'd say at this moment dem is my favorite though pre nerf whenever that happened and vamps lost their pet which used to interrupt casters and draw power I find myself switching to the other lines more and more. I used to never loose fights as a dem vamp knowing if you played it right you could turn anything. However With no pet as a dem vamp your going to loose to most maulers and reavers that power tap as well alot of other things that can kite easily. So we reach why I'm starting to really like ve as my main line. If you go 49 ve and 44 pierce rest sm you will murder most classes before they have a chance to fight back. Youll be able to pop most stealthers though they'll probably vanish or zephyr away. With this spec you're giving yourself the greatest opportunity to get kills.The alternative is 48 dem 34 pierce rest sm. Very viable as well love this spec but no matter how well you play a dem vamp your asking for a longer fight which is never good. Lastly I really don't care for the sm line know you'll find videos on YouTube of a vamp doing well with it however in my experience the fumble gets purged every time by good players than your left with a hot heal which costs way to much to use very nice but power hungry so you are forced to basically use a lower level heal anyways to compete with having your red parry and let's be honest endo drain is useless it's 2021 any guy that doesn't have an endo pot in his bag you would have won that fight irregardless of you using it or not. So if you really must go sm I truly recommend some sort of heavy tri spec which is going to require you to make love to your keyboard with the amount of combos your trying to pull off for minimal return. If you can make a different champ even a mauler vamps are very underpowered right now even if you'll have people raging saying otherwise. **** full temp 12 years experience in this game and I loose more than half my fights. (icthysac vamp ywain 1 rr 8l1)
  • To add to this when I say tri spec I mean 16 sm 41 ve 35 dem 34 pierce. You could completely switch. Any of these lines around sm for dem or maybe you like dem better than ve idk this is for what I'm fighting. This spec is tried and true if you play it right it will give you a solid middle ground to fight most fights with a mezz snare fumble and every lines buff you'll be pretty tough. The problem with this spec as said before is power and time it take to truly get everything rolling real world. Your claw won't be where you rely but more so just outlasting your opponent if they don't keep draining your power or kite.
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