Invisible House Walls

Hi, apologies if this has been addressed, but I could not locate anything discussing it.

In Hibernia, the outside of all of my houses essentially have no borders. I am able to walk through all walls of my houses from the outside. Same holds true for my stairs to the front door. When I try and walk up the stairs, it's as if they do not exist. I am able to enter my house, though, once I get close enough.

Only when I enter a house do I encounter "borders" or "walls." Inside seems fine and normal.

This would not be any real problem, but I am trying to upgrade my house to a guild house, and I am unable to drop the guild deed on the house as it's essentially "invisible" to me. Whenever I try and drop the guild deed on the house, it asks "Do you really want to drop this?", as if I am dropping it on the ground. When I click "yes," it simply drops it on the ground.

And I am using a Guiidmaster (Rank 0) to upgrade to a guild house.

I recently purchased houses in Midgard and experienced no issue. There were walls (including stairs) on the outside, and I was easily able to upgrade my house from a personal house to a guild house.

All of my houses in both realms are mansions--so that's consistent. And I do use a custom UI, but I switched to the standard UI in hopes that would correct the issue on Hibernia, but it did not.

The houses on Hibernia are located in Ramsey on Ywain 9 (the house lots are 4753 through 4757).



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