GearBunny Fusion Update

Just released a sizeable update to Fusion. Interface updates, added some user suggestions, and quite a few bug fixes. Enjoy!

Patch notes :

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  • Put a patch up just a few minutes ago that solved a startup bug, added more color to the stats panel and had a few other changes. Enjoy!
  • ======= GearBunny Fusion v1.127.0.2 patch notes =======

    Released May 8th, 2021

    - A skill calculation bug was discovered and fixed, and I implemented a few more suggestions from the community. I expect to have some more sizeable releases in the future as I begin to add more character building functionality and the database editor. Thanks again to the Dark Age of Camelot community for their support!

    ======= ======= =======
    User Suggestions:
    ======= ======= =======


    * I added buttons to the report tab to copy the report and open up either the BroadSword Official Forum or Paste.bin to hopefully make them easier to share. It looks like Discord can also handle the regular reports better since they added a text file viewer a few days ago.

    * Reorganized the ToA/Mythical stat caps in the stat and report views to be next to one another. Should be a little easier to read this way.

    * Corrected a date in the patch notes here in the program. Guess I just forgot to switch to 2021, lol.

    * Removed the Twitch link from the help menu. If I get another channel for streaming Camelot related content, I will return this link

    * I have done some background work to prepare for future file type revisions that are going to be needed to add more functionality and correct an oversight I made when designing the vault data format. Starting from this version, an informational popup will occur if you attempt to load a file from those future versions of the program. It will go away if you save the template you loaded.


    * Corrected a calculation problem where the 'All Archery' skill was not being refreshed properly. Sorry about that Archers!


    * Added a visual indicator for when gems are loaded into the omnicrafter and having an effect on stat calculation. (It's a little red plus on the tab.)

    * Mythical Physical Damage Reduction's adding to slash/crush/thrust resists was corrected in an earlier patch but went unnoted. Thank you Mct for pointing this out.


    * Added a report style that displays just the procs/use effects of items. Handy if you want to make sure you have all the 'toys' you want in a template.


    * ET Pointed out that Mythical Physical Damage Reduction's effect upon the melee resists wasn't showing when you click those stats to get all influencers on the stat. In addition to now showing this, a few other stats and skills will also show if any other stats have influence, and this report now has the stat names in addition to the amount of stat change. (Example is Rejuvenation should now also show +All Casting, or Midgard Spear showing +All Melee. Regular casting stats also show the acuity effecting them if appropriate. So for a class that uses Piety as it's acuity stat, clicking Piety will also show all items with Acuity bonus too)


    * Suggested that skills should get the +All skills of a type bonus added to them in the stats and report views. In implementing ET's adjustment above, it also enabled me to add this back finally.
  • The setup files are now being hosted by ProndorKnorr at
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