Missing compass and other questions from very old returning player

I just got back into DAoC after many many years.
Thanks to Customer Support I have access to all my old toons, but decided to roll a new one just to refresh my memory.

Couple questions:

I was messing with my compass because it was stuck nearly in the center of my screen. I was hoping to move it off a corner. Unfortunately, I ended up making it transparent. Mousing over the area I think it is doesn't bring up anything. Is there someway to rest the compass, and if that's achievable, how can I move it?

Second question: Is it possible to scroll the camera? I seem to remember that from years ago, but can't figure it out again.

"Bonus" question: I made level 10 in the tutorial area, but haven't touched the two adjoining villages. Is there any sense in doing the quests there or should I take the "port" to the "mainland"? If I do that could I come back if I wanted to?


  • You must do the extra quests i you want in the starter zone before you ding level 11. You probably are by now since the post is old. The only thing you get by doing the extra quests are 1-2 levels and some kind of mini firefly that you can summon. It is better to go to Mularn/Mag Mell/Cotswold what ever realm you play from level 10 and go on with the new quest line there.
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