Hunter Crit Shot

Is there a known issue with Hunter Crit shot? Every time I try to use it I get a message that I must use a bow - well I am using a bow and still get this. Thanks


  • This message comes up if you try to crit shot when not in stealth. Crit shot can only be used while stealthed. If it’s bugged try unstealth and re stealth or switch to spear and back to bow.
    Symonde (Cleric)
    Symfriar (Friar duh)
    Symsorc (Double duh)
    Sympets (Theurg)
    Symmond (Arms)
    Some random mids and hibs
  • Thanks will give that a try after work today
  • Agreed. This message comes up if you try and do a crit shot out of stealth. Need to be in stealth to perform crit shot.
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