ALL QBinds lost since patch 127 (Posted this in General Forum also)

Has anyone else lost all the QBinds on all their chars since the patch to 1.27?

I have tried resetting them in game but after log out and log back in they are gone again.
This is very annoying as I use QBinds a lot.
@John_Broadsword or @Carol_Broadsword could you please let me know if this is a bug or was this intentional for patch 1.27 and was not placed in the patch notes.

Thanks AP
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  • New Live client is up. Please logout if you are currently online and re-run the patcher.

    1) Fixes /qbind issues recognizing the correct slot and saving correctly on logout/zone. If your qbinds were already overwritten, we sincerely apologize but you'll have to re-set them. Anyone with backed up character .ini files or those that have yet to login should see their normal /qbinds after running the live client's patcher.

    2) GTs should mostly work in dungeons now. We'll have a more comprehensive fix later this week. Most rooms in a dungeon should allow you to place a GT on the ground with the new functionality though.

    3) We are temporarily disabling the "match all bonuses" feature in housing. Search results were beginning to take too long and causing other issues. We'll optimize this and have an update/fix as soon as we're happy with it. Everything else will still work on the Market Explorer except for this flag.
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