Minstrel, Canceling Songs Problem.

Carrol and John, you may want to check a bug that it been happening a lot on my Minstrel. Let me begin with the problem: when I use my instrument to kick-off my songs, I then click on it again to cancel. That's not the case, by the way. What happens is, at times, it does work, but when it doesn't, I would have to switch to shield and wait for a few seconds for it to cancel, but that doesn't always happen. It continues at times. The only one that I'm not having trouble is the level 50 Wall of Songs, now that works as for the others, it would work, and then I would have to switch to shield for it to cancel, but again not all the time. Since I started using the Minstrel throughout the Battlegrounds and now NF, it has been happening to me for the past two days. I have a minstrel in my old account that I played a while ago and never had this problem before. I hope this helps to be able to check it if its bugs of some kind.

Thank you
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  • @monster im pretty sure its your single target mezz thats the problem. When you cast in on someone you will keep playing it even after the target dies you will have to click on the spell again to stop it. I found that out when i was trying to stealth when i had no songs up was still saying i cant stealth wile i have a pulse going untill i hit that button again. Ps sometimes you have to target yourself to cancel the pulse when you click it
  • Yes, you are right. Thank you so much for your help.

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