Cursed Life Gauntlets - incorrect delve - wrong item crafted!


This morning I spent 4hours grinding my friar thought the bounty point quests to get enough BP to craft the "Cursed Life Gauntlets (Chain)" for my reaver.

i get there, and I delve the craft on the bounty crafting menu, selected the CORRECT recipe to craft the chain gloves... i craft it and in return I got given the Plate version!

I checked 5 times that I was crafting the chain ones, each time I said chain, and I got the plate version! this system need to be changed to show what each one is!!

for example...

Curse Boots - each craft is separated out into Cabalist, Cleric, Mauler.. etc..

Curse gloves, a list of 50 gloves with no information on if its chain, plate, cloth, leather etc...

Because of this system I now have the wrong item even when I know with 100% certainty that selected the chain gloves!

Charater - Decyptoc
Class - Friar
Ywain 1

Item selected for craft - "Cursed Life Gauntlets (chain)"
item received from craft - "Cursed Life Gauntlets (plate)"

once again, I put an appeal in with no response in a timely fashion.


  • i have still not got a reply to this ingame.. and also when I so /checkappeal it now says I don't have an appeal
  • It is now 24hours since my appeal

    I have a received an email saying we are looking into it..which doesn't solve my issue..

    All you need to do is replace the item with the correct one.
  • Hey Mythiey!

    The issue has been forwarded to the Quality Assurance Team for investigation and, if an issue is found, bug fixing. Bug reports do not get further replies, which is why your ticket is no longer visible ingame, and no additional reply has been sent. Bug fix notes are included in patch and/or hotfix notes that are published on the Camelot Herald once they have been rolled out.

    Customer Support does not exchange items in such cases. Since the item can be traded, best is to find someone to trade them with or sell them to!
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