We need to make self buffs last longer

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With all the items and pots you need to cycle thru i think its time BS makes all self buffs last 30 minutes. It would make the game more enjoyable for current, returning players and new players.
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  • define self buffs i think we might be thinking to different things
  • CL line buffs and casted buffs from spec lines
  • I thought those were already 20+ minutes. Why do you need it to be longer lol?
  • stackable potion use would be nice. Nothing wrong with that... self buffs can't have a forever-timer because then you might as well make them passive abilities which is boring
  • There are too many buffs,items that you need to keep up. Im use to it but how would a new or returning player from 2005 do? Its too much. Popping uses is fine but the constant buffing Is annoying
  • Yep, they need to extend pots to 20-30 minutes at times when I roam I refresh pots 1-2-3 times before a fight. It's just a quality of life thing at this point.
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  • I'm all for double tapping potions for them to last twice as long except supremacy potions of course. Everything else is fine, imo.
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