Account recovered from EU server, character lost!

Good evening to all
2 days ago finilly I recovered my EU account, personally I was so excited to play again whit my character but.... I found my account totally empty no one of my character was present in archived server... So I send another mail to support team and they said that my information are not matching, how is possible that are matching for recover the account but not for the character.... Something is wrong can someone help me please?


  • Hey Katist!

    Did you check the Ywain servers if your missing character was already transferred to the Ywain live servers? If you cannot find the character on any of the Ywain servers, please open an in-game /appeal with the following information:

    • the name, class, level, and race of the missing character
    • the server it used to be located on
    • a date when the character went missing.

    The support email is only for account and technical issues, so they cannot assist you with missing characters. The in-game support team will be happy to investigate this for you!
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  • Thank you very much Lea I will proceed to open an appeal, and yes I check in all ywain servers but nothing
    Again thank you for your support appreciate
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