Gaheris and EC issues. A review...

After taking the required break from DAoC in order to try running Endless Conquest I decided to write a review. This is after a couple weeks just trying EC on Gaheris. This is what I ran into.

Endless Conquest Issues in General:

The amount of unusable items on EC accounts is exhorbitant. When you log in and try to use a potion, or summon a vender, or a million other things and go "why isn't this working" it gets extremely frustrating. I almost didn't complete my solo 1-50 run because of it. I almost rage quit several times.

The amount of time (or any at all) after subscribing before EC is available is a bad idea. Sometimes I would like to play DAoC quite a bit, and some months I don't have the time to play at all. Because of the EC timer, I will not be subscribing for the forseeable... well ever. If my account immediately became EC once my subscription ended, then I would on-and-off subscribe constantly. You would probably see me subscribed about half the months of the year.

Endless Conquest Issues on Gaheris:

The reduced leveling rate makes solo leveling extremely painful from around level 38 until 45 when CV become available. I believe this is likely due to the fact that battlegrounds are unavailable.

Dreaded seals can not be combined on EC accounts because seal transmutation is in the spellcrafting tree. I recommend adding dreaded seal transmutation to bountycrafting on Gaheris as a quick fix.

60 realm skill points is nothing on Gaheris. This means Gaheris characters, due to getting 30 by leveling to 50, would max realm skill points at RR4. This contrasts with RR7 on Ywain. I recommend raising the EC realm skill point cap to 90 on Gaheris.

Gaheris NON-EC Issues:

Lack of inclusion in new content and removal of old content is plaguing Gaheris. The removal of access to all of the % PVE bonus item from catacombs is hard to accept. Certain instanced dungeon items and catacombs items were used in a lot of templates. Acceptable work around? Add the most used items to traveling merchants. Best answer? Bring the content back.

The new content that really needs to be made use of on Gaheris are the solo areas in NF such as Moydruim Castle. Obviously these areas need to have mobs that drops seals, but theres an opportunity to adjust the balance on the server where casters are favored in 99% of situations. I would like to see these areas get filled with mobs or some type of encounter that heavily favors the use of melee damage.

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